The Western Canon – A Work in Progress

This is my work-in-progress chart for Dr. Harold Bloom’s The Western Canon. I will add a few books at the end of the chart, but they will be clearly marked. I am creating this chart as I did not find an easy-to-use way of keeping track of how many I have bought. I am transcribing at present, and so more titles will be added as I finish them. Right now, the order is as it is in the book — roughly —, but I will change it to time-based order when I finish.

Note: Owned column has two symbols. X is for translated material (except facing page translations if I speak the original language). * is for original language texts, or in a daughter language (Old English original language, but I have an Contemporary English version, as an example).

I am fiddling with the presentation, for this I apologise.

TitleDateOwnedO. TongueAuthor
Gilgamesh2000 BCEXSumerianFolk
Egyptian Book of the Dead1550 BCEEgyptianFolk
Holy Bible (King James Version)400 BCEXHebrew, Biblical/Greek, KoineFolk
The Apocrypha200 CEVariousFolk
Sayings of the Fathers (Pirke Aboth)200 CEHebrewFolk
Mahabharata520 BCESanskritVanyasa
Bhagavad-Gita400 BCESanskritVanyasa
Ramayana499 BCESanskritValmiki
Iliad (Homer)899 BCEXGreek, Ionian/Aeolic ‘Epic’Homer
Odyssey (Homer)899 BCEXGreek, Ionian/Aeolic ‘Epic’Homer
Works and Days (Hesiod)700 BCEGreek, ‘Epic’Hesiod
Theogony (Hesiod)730 BCEGreek, ‘Epic’Hesiod
Works of Archilochos680 BCEGreek, AncientArchilochos
Works of Sappho630 BCEXGreek, Ancient ‘Aeolic’Sappho
Works of Alkman650 BCEGreek, Ancient ‘Doric’Alkman
Odes (Pindar)498 BCEGreek, Ancient ‘Doric’ (mainly)Pindar
Oresteia458 BCEGreekk, AncientAeschylus
Seven Against ThebesGreek, AncientAeschylus