For far-flung kinder-ones, You are a source of inspiration. For far-flung kinder ones, You are the source of desperation. For far-flung kinder ones, You are a source of dedication. Your roots dig deep into the hollow of tales: Tales long told, yet long false. Tales of others long held, yet long unspoken. Tales of others … Continue reading Krampusnacht

Tea Time Rumination: Holiday

Tea: Hey! Guess who is sick again? I have been sneezing quite a lot, and my boyfriend has as well; therefore, one knows the tea which I am drinking is: garlic infusion with honey. Songs: I am re-listening to an old (like 2001) album. Positively Somewhere by Jennifer Paige. I was Youtubing, instead of writing, … Continue reading Tea Time Rumination: Holiday

Tea Time Fumigation: Victimhood in Trump’s America, and My Adventures Calling Senators

Tea: Mint tea with honey. I am going to need to keep calm. Disclaimer: I am about to discuss rape, allegations, and politics. If one of those offends, I have warned you. So, Kavanaugh. I have been debating whether, or not to discuss his allegations on the internet. I have obviously decided to do as … Continue reading Tea Time Fumigation: Victimhood in Trump’s America, and My Adventures Calling Senators

Teatime Ruminations:A Semi-Religious One

Tea: English Breakfast (my favourite) for a very specific reason. Song: A podcast about whom at least/around half of this is. First off, welcome to September: the last few weeks of summer are here. If one is waiting for me to discuss my September books — like Summer — my August reading is unfinished. I … Continue reading Teatime Ruminations:A Semi-Religious One

The Life of a Bird: A Musing on Nynorsk

Nynorsk is quite an intriguing concept. It is the concept that a standard language can be achieved through rigorous linguistic study, and that a people can be united under it. That concept of a culture united intoxicates me. I find myself chasing it in my dreams -- awake, and asleep ones --. The idea that … Continue reading The Life of a Bird: A Musing on Nynorsk

Tea Time Rumination: Religious Ancestors

Tea: An infusion of ground coffea arabica...commonly referred to as coffee. I love French-press style.   Song: 'Misere Mani' -Era Disclaimer: I apologise for another religious post within a month, or so. This became a topic within the last week in my life, and I need to mind-purge. My thirtieth birthday comes closer everyday. It … Continue reading Tea Time Rumination: Religious Ancestors