Scots Gaelic R

Word(s) Part(s) of Speech English Rabhadh (m) Noun Warning Rach Verb Go, to Rag Adjective Rigid Ràn (m) Noun Roar Rannsachadh (m) Noun Searching/researching Rè* Preposition (genitive) During/In the course of Reoth Verb Freeze, to Riabhach Adjective Brindled Rianail Adjective Methodical Ro-aithris (f) Noun Forecast (as in weather) *Remember back in 'M', I mentioned that … Continue reading Scots Gaelic R

Scottish Gaelic N

Word(s) Part(s) of Speech English Na Particle Not (negation) Nan Conjuction If Nàr Adjective Shameful Neach (m)* Noun/Pronoun One/a person Nic Prefix Female afterbearer of (lit. granddaughter of) Nighean (f) Noun Girl Nòs (m) Noun Custom/habit Nota (f) Noun Banknote Nuadh Adjective New Nuallaich Verb Howl,to *One can use this as a pronoun, but 'duine' … Continue reading Scottish Gaelic N