Scottish Gaelic Storytime

Just ( direach ) out of boredom, Teague sat at his desk ( am bòrd aige ) writing a poem. He had never written a poem ( òran, OR dàn ); however, he was willing to try after finding out that his name means ‘poetry writer’. Not that he put much trust in Google searches, but … Continue reading Scottish Gaelic Storytime

Scottish Gaelic/Gàidhlig: A New Beginning

Tea: Passion Fruit/black tea. It is nice, but over-steeps quite rapidly.   My relationship with Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig) has been off-and-on. I went to Scotland a few years back, and fell in love with everything Scottish. Having had a falling out with A Scottish friend, I found it to be too raw to connect with … Continue reading Scottish Gaelic/Gàidhlig: A New Beginning