Nynorsk: The Harvest

Basic Disclaimer: I am not a native speaker. I am using these posts as a way of chronicling a semi-auto-didactic process.  In other words, this is my way of seeing my own journey. I hope that others learn from it, and I hope that others contribute knowledge to it. To the Nynorsk activists out there, … Continue reading Nynorsk: The Harvest

Spring Equinox: The Year of Action

Tea: Lemongrass, and spearmint infusion Thoughts: I love infusions, so this has my heart for its duration. Song: Mammút 'The Moon Will Never Turn on Me' -Mammút is one of my favourite bands of all time: if one has not listened to them, do it after the post.   I am quite naturally minded: I need … Continue reading Spring Equinox: The Year of Action