Nynorsk V

Word(s) Part(s) of Speech English Velja Verb Choose, to Ven Adjective Beautiful Verkeleg Adverb Really Ei vik* Noun Bay Ein vilje** Noun Will Ei vis Noun Way Viss Adjective Certain Vita Verb Know, to Ei vogonrammel*** Noun Rattle of a wagon Ei vårsol**** Noun The Spring Sun *'Viking' comes from this as 'one who lives/from … Continue reading Nynorsk V


This book will not be defeated this time! It lives to fight another day. Why can I not finish it as so many before me? Well, I did some side reading, It is styled as the Odyssey which as one see, I did not enjoy. I also have never read Joyce before. Ms. Parviz recommends … Continue reading Ulysses

Nynorsk U

Word(s) Part(s) of Speech English Ulik Adjective Different Urettferdig Adjective Unfair Ute Preposition Out Eit utland Noun The outside world, foreign lands Ein utlending Noun Foreigner Utmed Preposition Along, near Eit utsal Noun Sale (På) Utsal Adjective (On) sale Utvide Verb Expand, to Eit uvêr Noun Storm

Scots Gaelic U

Word(s) Part(s) of Speech English Uasal Adjective Noble/Aristocrat Uirsgeul (m) Noun Fable/Myth Uirsgeulach Adjective Legendary Uiseag (f) Noun Lark Ulaidh (f) Noun Treasure* Ùraich Verb Become new Urra (f) Noun One/Person** Urrain (f) Noun Power/Ability Urrasach Adjective Trustworthy Ùth (m) Noun Udder *M' ulaidh as an endearment means closely, 'my darling', or 'my precious' without the … Continue reading Scots Gaelic U