Letters M-R

Books with preconceptions: Misérables, Les -Victor Hugo:I have to start, and finish this first of the French ones — of all French classics, this one is a monolithic, and colossal test of my desire to do this challenge. I tried in a college a few times, but the tome — French for 'book' when it … Continue reading Letters M-R



First off, I have a feeling that I will be re-reading a lot of these. I have nevertheless never contained my feelings on this edition, so if one knows me, one knows that which to expect.   I hated this. It was not a fun read for me. As I wrote Sunday, the translator Ennis … Continue reading Iliad

Scots Gaelic H

Word(s) Part(s) of Speech English Hàidraidean (m) Noun Hydrogen Hàlo Interjection Hello Hactair (m) Noun Hectare Hearach (m) Noun Somonefrom Harris Hearadh (f) Noun The Island of Harris Heileacoptair (m) Noun Helicopter Hiort (f) Noun Saint Kilda Hiortach (m) Noun Someone from Saint Kilda Hòro-gheallaidh (m) Noun Celebration/ceilidh/get-together Toir mi hòro-gheallaidh air Saying I don’t … Continue reading Scots Gaelic H

Nynorsk: A

As I said, I want to give a list of 10 words beginning with the letter. It will be a quick post; nevertheless, it will be a list to repeat all day to help learn more Nynorsk vocabulary:   Word(s)Part of SpeechEnglishAldriAdverbNeverAltAdverbAlreadyAltPronounAll/EverythingAtConjunctionThatAttAdverbBack/AgainAttmedPrepositionBesides/NearAttvedPrepositionBesidesAustlandetNounEastern NorwayAvAdverbNowAv og tilAdverbNow and then