Nynorsk Semi-Finale

The surprise is late as I work presently, but I wanted to update everyone. I will go more in-depth on the reasons for which things have transpired on May 1st; however, Nynorsk is on the back burner for a few months. I apologise to the wonderful Norwegians who have reached out to me for learning … Continue reading Nynorsk Semi-Finale

Way of Kings, The

Started 1 February 2019 Finished 6 February 2019 Finally, S. S. Trantham can have his book back! I enjoyed this book. I really enjoyed the world, and the characters. Some of the sentence fragments snapped me out of the world. I have a personal dislike for fragments within the exposition. Speaking of the exposition, I … Continue reading Way of Kings, The

Nynorsk Æ

  Word(s) Part(s) of Speech English Ei ætt Noun Family Eit ættarland Noun Forebearers' land Ein ættled Noun Generation Ættestolt Adjective Proud of one's family Ei ære Noun Honour Ein æresdoktorgrad Noun Honorary Ein ætling Noun Descendant/After-bearer Ei æve Noun Eternity Æla Verb To pour out (an offering) Ærefull Adjective Honourable

Scots Gaelic H

Word(s) Part(s) of Speech English Hàidraidean (m) Noun Hydrogen Hàlo Interjection Hello Hactair (m) Noun Hectare Hearach (m) Noun Somonefrom Harris Hearadh (f) Noun The Island of Harris Heileacoptair (m) Noun Helicopter Hiort (f) Noun Saint Kilda Hiortach (m) Noun Someone from Saint Kilda Hòro-gheallaidh (m) Noun Celebration/ceilidh/get-together Toir mi hòro-gheallaidh air Saying I don’t … Continue reading Scots Gaelic H