Day 25 (Other Edition)

My boyfriend should be happy, Here comes an Evanescence reference: The last poem I'm wasting on you. I refer to you as Cunt-of-a-grandmother, But you're really not a mother at all. You're more of an übercunt. Like of all the cunts I know, You are the benchmark. I am going to edit this, As your … Continue reading Day 25 (Other Edition)


Day Nineteen (the scratched)

Jacob, und Wilhelm... I have your book. The one with stories of your past. Our shared ancestry described. What drew you into the past? A past long fighting Eastern Religions. You saved it from extinction. We can keep fighting. We can keep living. We can keep telling stories. Thank you.

Nynorsk Æ

  Word(s) Part(s) of Speech English Ei ætt Noun Family Eit ættarland Noun Forebearers' land Ein ættled Noun Generation Ættestolt Adjective Proud of one's family Ei ære Noun Honour Ein æresdoktorgrad Noun Honorary Ein ætling Noun Descendant/After-bearer Ei æve Noun Eternity Æla Verb To pour out (an offering) Ærefull Adjective Honourable