Tea Time Ruminations: Death

Tea: A horrible spiced black tea. Song: I am actually streaming Eivør's 2015 combination album, Slør + Bridges. Links below for some of my favourite songs, but the entire two albums are amazing. Her soft, and airy voice entrances me. I did not do a Nynorsk vocabulary list last week: let us discuss that first. My high … Continue reading Tea Time Ruminations: Death

Tea Time Rumination: Religious Ancestors

Tea: An infusion of ground coffea arabica...commonly referred to as coffee. I love French-press style.   Song: 'Misere Mani' -Era Disclaimer: I apologise for another religious post within a month, or so. This became a topic within the last week in my life, and I need to mind-purge. My thirtieth birthday comes closer everyday. It … Continue reading Tea Time Rumination: Religious Ancestors