Tea Time Ruminations: Betrayal, or Being a good citizen?

Tea: Black sweet tea...I do live in Texas, so I must have it sometimes.   With the U.S. presidential election primaries rearing up, my friendship circle is tightening down. We are all at least moderate-leaning-left, but vary from there. I, a Sen. Sanders supporter — though Rep. Gabbard intrigues me a bit —, hear about … Continue reading Tea Time Ruminations: Betrayal, or Being a good citizen?

Tea Time Ruminations: Languages

Tea: Scottish Breakfast Food: Blackened garlic, and spring onions Edit: It was pointed out to me that the numerals were off. I apologise for the eye-sore. I hope that this new format will be easier to read. Thank you to those who pointed it out to me. First off, April is almost here, so watch … Continue reading Tea Time Ruminations: Languages

Tea Time Ruminations: Male Witches

Tea: Rose/vanilla infusion. Roses are connected with protection, and protection is important traditionally for the time of year. Vanilla is soothing. This time of the year stresses me out.   Talking about male spaces can get hairy...pun intended...very rapidly. Some men use the conversation as a way to push women aside more than society already … Continue reading Tea Time Ruminations: Male Witches

Teatime Ruminations:A Semi-Religious One

Tea: English Breakfast (my favourite) for a very specific reason. Song: A podcast about whom at least/around half of this is. First off, welcome to September: the last few weeks of summer are here. If one is waiting for me to discuss my September books — like Summer — my August reading is unfinished. I … Continue reading Teatime Ruminations:A Semi-Religious One