Scottish Gaelic Story Time

Teague left nothing ( càil ) to chance as he finished his work. He had a few hours before he needed to sleep ( caidil ), so he sluggishly logged off, and left for his car. The security guard ( faire ) Erin, waved at him. She was used to his late night leavqings. He … Continue reading Scottish Gaelic Story Time


Scottish Gaelic P

Word(s) Part(s) of Speech English Pàganach* (m) Noun Pagan Pailt Adjective Plentiful Pàiteach Adjective Thirsty Pasgan (m) Noun Package/Folder Peirceall (m) Noun Jaw Pianail Adjective Painful Pioc Verb Peck, to Pios (m) Noun A bit of bread Plangaid (f) Noun Blanket Plap Verb Flutter, to *This is the only term which I can find for … Continue reading Scottish Gaelic P

Scottish Gaelic N

Word(s) Part(s) of Speech English Na Particle Not (negation) Nan Conjuction If Nàr Adjective Shameful Neach (m)* Noun/Pronoun One/a person Nic Prefix Female afterbearer of (lit. granddaughter of) Nighean (f) Noun Girl Nòs (m) Noun Custom/habit Nota (f) Noun Banknote Nuadh Adjective New Nuallaich Verb Howl,to *One can use this as a pronoun, but 'duine' … Continue reading Scottish Gaelic N