Letters S-X Ranked

1.Save Me the Waltz One will not be surprised to find this here. It was so beautiful that I have to put it where it belongs, and it really is a gem. 2. Way of Kings, the Mr. Trantham was right. I did enjoy it immensely. I will read the next two books in May. … Continue reading Letters S-X Ranked



Okay, this book pissed me off. It treated two strong women -- arguably by the description of Gabrielle, she has not gotten to her full string warrior self -- as weaklings. It reduced them to sexualised descriptions. Yes, the show had a fair bit of sex for a network show in the late 90s; however, … Continue reading Xena

Scottish Gaelic Short Story

Teague awoke (dhùisg) curled on a sunlit knoll (tom, OR cnoc). He felt the grass stroking his face (aodann). As he opened his eyes (a sùil), he heard the chiming of bells in the far distance. The sound pumped Teague’s blood ( fuil Taidhg) to his forehead. Teague (Tadhg) felt the capillaries expand, and then constrict tighter than he had … Continue reading Scottish Gaelic Short Story