Tea-drinker, scotch-lover, language-nerd, Anglish-aspirer — pardon the irony of that —, Asatruar, liberal, cisgendered, faggot, and reading-addicted; I present myself.

I mean it: I really like tea, and I really like scotch. I always have a drink — though not necessarily alcoholic —.

Having hit the highlights of my personality, I greet you, loved reader. I was born in Anaheim, California during 1988. I am working on a collection of poems concerning King Arthur, and Sir Lancelot. Having decided on my 30th birthday to try to complete The Western Canon, I find myself discussing the books on it — of which I believe there are over 1800 — quite often.  I, also, brook Anglish whenever I can: it is English in its sam-swotel way. Quite the liberal, I stand up for oppressed whenever I can.

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