Scotch is actually in my glass at the moment.

Hello, ruminants.

I have always been wary of audiobooks. I find them less inviting than reading. According to Mutter, I was never one to enjoy when one would read to me; nevertheless, I found a copy of The Forsyste Saga — technically, it is the parts of the book as it is originally published, but not as a complete set —on which called to me. It is read by Frederick Davidson, who was a prolific reader. His accent in the sample called to me. There is a complete set of 43 hours, but it is read by an American, and, frankly, The Forsyte Saga needs to be read in a (more) Upper Received Pronunciation accent. It is the opposite of Huckleberry Finn which should always be read in a thick American twang.

I am going to give it a chance. Galsworthy was, and is one of my favourite writers, so I hope that he will approve. I will keep you posted as to my books.

(Also, if one wants to try as they support independent bookstores, and actually pay taxes unlike some other audiobook platforms — I don’t know how to make that more audible to people —. Here is my referral link for a free month.)

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