Rumination/Invocation: Cha tèid plàst air bagairt

Tea: A hibiscus tea

Song: ‘Viens, viens’ Marie Laforêt on vinyl….heartwrenching

It has been a while since a rumination has gone up; however, I received a package today which I forgot that I had ordered. I adore ‘Viens, viens’. It is truly one of my favourite French-language songs, if not my favourite. It speaks to my deep father/mother issues. When I bought a phonograph, I knew that I would buy two specific singles. I will probably talk about the other one in the future as it means more than a bit for me.

‘Viens, viens’ found me in college when I was falling in love with the French language more, and more. I was looking for specifically Québécois music, but found Mme. Laforêt’s hit from 1973. It was an instant love. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Now, for the purpose of this post, I have been diving back into my Gaelic as my term at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig finished in June. I am part of a study group now to help retain some Gaelic — and maybe even grow some —. I was, therefore, highlighting my dictionary as I am wont to do.

I stumbled across the idiom ‘Cha tèid plàst air bagairt’ which roughly is ‘Sticks and stones’; however, it literally is ‘Do not put a poultice on a threat’. That immediately rang true.

I have been 32 for a couple of weeks, ad the shock of another year has worn off. I am empowered by time now. This happens every year without any doubt; however, I am frank enough to look back, and I see that I do move closer to whom I want to be.

I have a new wardrobe — pictures will be uploaded soon — coming as I may have discovered thrift applications, and I have a habit of late night shopping now.

Whereas in past years — as close friends can tell anyone sneaky enough to ask them —, I have suffered a fragile ego. I am a Cancer/Leo cusp after all. The emotionality of a crab with the pride of a lion equals someone who needs to consistently thicken one’s skin.

I have therefore decided to take a step towards the man whom I see in my future.

  1. I want to get back to 176 lbs. Currently, I have lost 10 lbs since my birthday, so this is going well.
  2. I want to finish books on the Western Canon faster.
  3. I am dressing more of my style which I have always wanted to have. Apparently, TikTok/the youngin’s (I am a 30-something, so I can say that now, right?) have informed that it is called ‘Dark Academia’…we just called it nerdy.
  4. My languages used to be my focus: I am returning to that. I have felt adrift since I lost my focus n them.
  5. My writing is thriving, and I will do my best to thrive as I have seen a writer acquaintance fall away from the craft, and it scares me that it could happen to anyone.
  6. No more soda. I went through 7 2 litres in one weekend.
  7. Translating an excerpt every week.
  8. Finish the two stories I am editing.
  9. Read, and maintain a literary journal subscription.
  10. Finally be happy.

Now, these are all amazing goals; however, the past has proven that I have a weakness against goals. Fear of success? Fear of failure?

Whichever, at this time, with our current political climate, with our current environmental climate disaster impending, I frankly do not have time not to be this man.

In short, this is an invocation to Freyja, Tyche, and Morrigan.

This is an invocation to Thor, Ares, and Lugh.

I need victory, and I need it now. We all do.

Be safe. Be loved.

One thought on “Rumination/Invocation: Cha tèid plàst air bagairt

  1. I think you’d be happy seeing the suggested reading under your posts (if you haven’t already).

    Also, read seventy-two liters, instead of seven 2-liter bottles, and was like…wow. Yeah, you might want to cut back, haha.

    Can anyone help you with these goals besides general support?


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