K is for…

Kin: It is about to get serious ruminating.

On the first few hours of Pasach, let me chew my cud on my Jewish heritage. Fun fact: my first fight with my boyfriend, who is biracial with Arab, was about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I am neither Jew, nor do I intend on converting; however, Judaism is an ethno-religious identity, and one cannot — and should not try to — remove one aspect from the other.

I am unapologetically Jewish in my blood — as if I chose it —, but I refuse to cow to antisemitism in either my current administration, or the Democratic National Convention who still has not avow any tendency within them, and their foreign policies.

Why would I who have only a drop, or two of blood feel so deeply for my kin?

I could quote about the Holocaust — and how many countries rip that section of texts out —, or the current rise of anti-Semitic crimes against the indigenous people within ancient Judea.

On the note, support indigenous lives.

I, of course, will not go in-depth with those as my mind is made up, and new evidence has not come up in many years to counter it.

Instead, I want to talk about that which I call the ‘fanfictioning’ of Judaic life.

There was a time when each culture had an experience. The Jewish experience was a polytheistic one (so I am not betraying my polytheistic self by being proud of my blood), and retained it for many a year. Slowly it became a monotheistic one (similar time brief lapse in judgement to Egypt’s indigenous ways).

Then, came the others.

We all know about whom I write. Cultural appropriation even put aside, it became fashionable to take a cultural religion, and alter it to fit one’s own culture.

Does one not want to eat kosher although Jesus said he came to fulfill, and not to destroy it?

Does one still consider the originators of the religion as second-class humans? Invade their ancestral lands, and build a building on their holiest site. Call them dhimmi, and call it done.

So, this is why today on Pasach, I discuss Kin.

Wherever we look our kin teach us that which can happen when our voices are taken, our means are taken, and our souls are jeopardised.

We can look anywhere at it: Carthage, the Jie, the Irish, the First Nationers, all of the nations attacked by the Zulu, and many more.

Even if one hates one’s family, take a look at one’s past. What does it mean to be oneself? What does it mean to fight in our world? What does it mean to speak again our tongues (one could have kenned that I would say that)? What does it mean to be kin in the wider sense? Emotionally, physically, and mentally kinfolk?

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