I is for…


Sounds like a cheap one, but let us pick apart this for a bit.

The concept of oneself versus another is a constant battle for humans. We are social creatures by nature, but we are territorial ones — for example, no matter how ‘good’ a burglar be, one still would be affronted from his/her presence —. We constantly few the I as apart from the We.

Do not worry: I do not mean to tread Nietzsches, or Kantes steps — to those who cringe at the lack of apostrophes, I say: I am asked to use Latinate paradigms for formula, so deal with German ones for those —.

I wonder about the I, though. Etymology does not tel much. Pronouns have roughly stayed the same through Proto-Germanic, and mostly even to Proto-Indo-European. This at least shows that the concept of I is ingrained into our European-based cultures, and to ask for anything else is culturally insensitive at best, and culturally imperialistic at worst.

Where does ‘I’ end? Who is ‘I’? What is ‘I’? I am ruminating on the theory of I, and not myself, I.

Who knows though? Maybe I should push the boundaries of self. Maybe a new I is around the corner.

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