H is for


If I were to ever do drag again, my name would be Helga. Her name is so strong.

She means ‘holy’.

The concept of holiness is based on the way of life of each one.

My holiness is different than another’s. Another’s is different than even another’s.

Now why am I thinking of this? I am with a devout atheist, and most of my friends are within the atheistic scope (from absolutely no gods/religion is evil to we are the gods/our minds are the creative engines). Yet, I am a hard polytheist, and so when we start discussing holiness, a rift starts to appear.

I overtime have realised that to them, a ‘minor’ scientific find may be just as holy as a twenty-seven-hundred-year-old ‘minors find of the Jastorf culture to me.

Therefore, we as a diverse culture are always seeking to weave through the holy. I wonder how we navigate this then within a time when imperialistic religions feel under attack from even the slightest defense (defence?) from others.

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