B is for…

Tea: Mint

Song: ‘Reasons I Drink’ Alanis Morissette

Let us dive into the words because, frankly, I love most of these.

The words of the day are:

Proto-Germanic (Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Germanic): *balgi- m. ‘skin bag’

Ancient Greek (Athenaze Book I): Βρομιος (Bromios), The Thunderer. An epithet of Dionysus.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love storms. The louder, the better. I egg them on, and have been scared a few times from them. I love them.

Sumerian (University of Pennsylvania): banšurzaggula. A cultic tablet.

Ancient Egyptian (An Egyptian Heiroglyphic Dictionary) : Bábá. To kill. I chose this as ‘baba’ is what my half-Arab boyfriend calls his dad (as it is the word for ‘dad’ in Arabic, this makes sense).

Scottish Gaelic: Bàrd. Poet. The poet laureate (bàrd cùirt) is Niall O’Gallagher.

English (A Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words): Bairn. Child.

I love this word. It comes from Old Norse, and is in Scots. I adore this. I even named one of my plants this. Meet Bairn Gorm (Green Child in a mixof Scots/Scots Gaelic):

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