A is for…

Tea: Black tea, English Breakfast Tea with some sugar

Song: ‘Automatic Driver’ La Roux

It has been a bit — the last I left you, I was in pain. I am happy to tell that I am well, and healed. —. It is A-Z April! It has been quite a year. I am now enrolled into An Cursa Inttrigidh, and am learning Proto-Germanic as my Coronavirus Language, and am even looking at Ancient Greek (unfortunately, the text which I have is Attic Greek as opposed to Homeric, or Doric) in my free time. I am applying to teach English, and am to start making masks today as part of MakingMasks2020. I am staying busy despite being near Houston with the plague running rampant.

Now, onto A-Z!

The words of the day are:

Proto-Germanic (Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Germanic): *akrana (acorn/nut) Neuter noun.

Side note: Three-gendered tongues are my favourite. I, truly, believe that we should return to a three-gendered way of speaking.

Ancient Greek (Athenaze Book I): Αίολος  (Aiolos), Greecian God/Lord of the Winds. First god whom I regularly worshipped.

Sumerian (University of Pennsylvania): Ama’inanak (goddess)

Ancient Egyptian (An Egyptian Heiroglyphic Dictionary) : Aani, ape-headed god of equilibrium.

Scottish Gaelic: Ag, at (preposition).

This may seem like an unimportant word, but this is used to form the present progressive in Gaelic. I have been using this every other sentence in my course.

English (A Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words): Asta, from ‘Hast thou’.

I am so using this that my friends might as well groan.

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