First Class: Worries, and Ruminations

I had my first telephone class with Sabhal Mor Ostaig. I am a bit worried.

The teacher ( tìdsear ) was quite lovely, but was dumbfounded for a bit after asking me the reasons for which I want to learn Gaelic.

I was honest.

I am an ancestor worshipper, and I want to cast off all aspects of the Abrahamic invasions in my life, and that I need to learn the languages of my forebears to do that.

It was then I remembered that the Gaelic community is one of the more conservative parts of Scottish society, and one of the more religious. Yay me.

I, also, wanted to look for more books, and things to learn Gaelic holistically. She did not approve. It reminds me of my French professor who reacted the same way when I looked into French song, and poetry at year 1.

Why do they want to box me into only course material? It is easier to control exposure. A teacher/professor can guarantee that one sees good grammar and usage, but if one goes off into random land, one may learn incorrect ( ‘non-standard’ ) usage.

I get that; however, I am tired of

Feasgar math. Ciamar tha sibh, a (ainm)?

Good evening. How are you, (name in vocative case)?

Perhaps that it is also because I have been through this stage before Gaelic. I have been through the basics. I also have been studying on my own — albeit with limited success — where I can learn that I almost misspelt ‘ainm’ as ‘anam’ (soul). I now have that word in my brain,

Anam, anma, anman/anmanna.

Soul, soul’s, souls/souls

It is a different system of learning, and I do learn better in a classroom setting — it activates my competitive side, and my knowledge-addict —, so I am sure that it will be well.

Let us see.

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