Eggnog Plans: Yule

Drink of choice is — surprise —: Eggnog. I made it from scratch, and I truly enjoy it.

I am publishing this at the zenith of darkness….which sounds much more metal than I really am.

It has now officially been 20 years since I have left Christianity. I did not mark the day on the calendar; however, I remember my 11th year being the first year that Christmas being unimportant to me — and, even a wee antagonistic as a budding angsty teenager-to-be —, but I cannot remember my 10th as any other than a family celebration. It was also one of my favourite holidays in my life.

Backstory: My mother, and father numbered the presents. We took turns in a circle to draw a number, and whosoever’s present it was got to open it. It was then the next person’s turn. We laughed, and were truly merry, and jolly. It was, is, and will be a fond memory for a lifetime.

Today: Two decades of swinging between anger at the destruction of native populations — Germanic, and outlander — around the world, and acceptance of the past have left me with a feeling of duty (or owing, if one would like an Anglish one).

I am getting older, and so I understand that this could be the sense of prime-age to pass on knowledge, but I feel that I owe those before as much as I can give. Now, that does mean that I wish to repeat their mistakes, nor their transgressions; however, if it were not for their sacrifices I would not be here. I, therefore, need to sacrifice so that the next generation is better. As I get older, I become more lawful — in the DnD sense —, and have settled into True Neutral territory….probably.

So, I have been crafting a bit. If one follows my instagram, one has been bothered by more-than-usual posts of a yule log, a yule candle, yule fire — where the Harvest Queens shall be burnt —, and eggnog.

On the plans for 2020, I have sent off my papers for Sabhal Mor Ostaig. I will be setting up my schedule with them in January. Fingers crossed.

I am, with my friend J. Lange, doing the Shakespeare 2020 challenge. I want to foil the works with contemporary works of the time. I will be reading Richard Barnfield, Mary MacLeod of Harris, Spenser, and — the one whom I am most anxious to read — Iain Lom.

Mr. Lom was very political, and with the current situation in Scotland, and the rest of the U.K., I am most anxious to have a historical view.

If anyone has suggestions, send them to me.


I do wish all a happy Yule, and may the ancestors look kindly on one. Mother’s night is around the corner, and be wary of the Yule cat.

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