Poetry Project: Arthurian

I have had a project bouncing around my head since undergraduate — which gets further, and further away because that is how linear timelines work —. I just recently sat down to work on it some more.

There is romance with the poems, and I find myself awkward with romance. Not that I am terribly romantic, or terribly stiffened; however, I find romance to be personal. Giving me a book on Scottish Gaelic literature would be immensely romantic; however, giving the same book to my boyfriend would not be.

This book for example

How not to cheapen it, how not to cliche it up, and how not to vulgarise it are valid concerns, but I am not the type to ‘how not’…I am the type to find out ‘how’. Obviously, the answer, as in any artistic endeavour, is just doing it, and editing it, and then redoing, and then re-editing.

I, thus, must do. I, nevertheless, worry. If I read contemporary romance in poetry, it tends to feel melodramatic (there are exceptions, of course) whereas previous generations seem to be on the nose.

Not because it is in Gaelic, but because of its content ‘An Eala Bhàn’ is the balance for which I strive. I, on the contrary to the poet, am not writing to a loved one in a fatal situation.

How to create that fervour?

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