Tea Time Ruminations

I was reading an article, and I have been thinking of drinking more varied infusions. I normally drink tea, and garlic. I went to a juice place where they put onion in one — sounds disgusting, but tasted really good –, so I may try an onion infusion.

I have this book — on inter-library loan —. I am looking forward to reading this. I am going to be taking notes on it. Prepare to hear about this one.

What will I write if I become ‘fluent’ in a reconstructed language? What will this do to my brain? Will I be able to learn Germanic tongues better?

Oh! Will this — I assume — effect a V2 syntax into my English?

This is all becoming quite intriguing to me. I will be able to reconstruct better Anglish words, for sure.

Stay tuned for more of that, though. Be safe. Be loved.

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