Scottish Gaelic Story Time Finale

As Teague got home, he felt slightly better that he had helped a kid stay warm; however, why were the bells important? Pulling up his computer, he sat in bed cross-legged, and researched bells.

‘Oh! They were used to scare off the fey.’

He continued to look into the matter.

‘The fey were originally Celtic gods that were pushed out to make room for Christianity, and now other Abrahamic faiths.’

He scratched his head. He doubted his Episcopalian father would approve of this. He clicked on the next link: it was a badly made ancient website — it seemed to be from the late 90’s complete with airy music playing as it loaded —.


He read a line that seemed to echo in his head: Thathar ag ràdh gu bheil an sluagh sìdhe a ’tadhal air daoine.

He stopped skimming to read the rest of the paragraph.

Ma tha neach air a tadhal leothasan, tha e gu diofar. Chan iarr iadsan gu frasta. A bheil thu Albannach? Èireannach? Manainneach? Nach eil? Tha gu leòr rùm san t-saoghal do dhaoine nach eil nan dùthchannan sin a bhith air am meas mar Ghàidheil. Faodaidh an sluagh sìdhe a bhith ag iarraidh air neach an cànan ionnsachadh, agus an cultar. Tha iad mu thràth a ’beachdachadh air aon teaghlach.

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