This book was a hard read. Truly, even in modern French, I found it difficult to find the story. It was very of its time in the straightforwardness of the plot, but the heart of the story was a little deeper.

Yvain’s separation from his love wears a bit thin in modern senses. Most would say, ‘Get a new wife.’ We have a general sense of ‘plenty fish in the sea’, and that means that romances such as this read as slightly juvenile; nevertheless, the love he has for his wife is portrayed in ways that a man of his stature in that day would have done so. I, also, enjoy the tie to honour. I think that honour died long ago…probably around The Great War, so it was intriguing to see it in its heyday.

Other than the plot though, there is not much there. The soul of the story to me is: is love worth it? If the answer is no, was it really love?

Libraries could be filled with references to books filled with pages trying to answer that though.

Be safe. And…be loved.

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