Letters Y, and Z

We arrive at the last books. I decided whilst I am trying to read as many of the Western Canon as I can that I might as well practice my French. The last two will be read in French. It has been a great trip to read all of the books. Some were better than others, but all were needed in my life.

Books with preconceptions:

Yvain ou le Chevalier au Lion – Chrétien de Troyes : He is in the collection of books from the professor…obviously. He also is within the Arthurian cycle. As I am writing a collection of poems concerning the cycle, this is more of a self-education, and less of a self-betterment. I am going to guess that knight sins/wrongs a person, must repent, falls in love with a woman, proves that he be worth her station, and someone dies. Let us see how very wrong I am.

Zadig: ou la Destinée – Voltaire : I hated Candide, and I hate Voltaire when I read about him. He sounds as if he were a pretentious dickhead. I am pro-monarchy, pro-feudalism, and pro-socialism. In other words, Enlightened Prussia. I just am not a fan of Voltaire’s stances. I will put these aside for a few chapters, but I know nothing about this specific book, so I go in with all my preconceptions of Voltaire.

In short, it is French week, and I am biting off more than is comfortable to chew. With little notion of that which I attempt, I go full speed ahead. Follow me to see if I fall of the edge of the earth with my aim.

Be safe. Be loved.

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