Letters S-X Ranked

1.Save Me the Waltz

One will not be surprised to find this here. It was so beautiful that I have to put it where it belongs, and it really is a gem.

2. Way of Kings, the

Mr. Trantham was right. I did enjoy it immensely. I will read the next two books in May.

3. Somewhere in Time

This would be higher if the romance was not a plot device, but I am addicted to this time travel element, and will incorporate it into a short story.

4. Vanity Fair

Surprise satire goes in the middle, but not due to anything bad, but that I was confused whilst reading as I was expecting one thing, and got another.

5. Trunk Murderess

Reminded me why I do not read nonfiction often.

6. Xena

Xena is more than a dramatic heroine; she is a strong woman.

Disqualified: Ulysses

I failed. I have brought dishonour to my family.

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