Scottish Gaelic Story Time

And, the bell still rang.

Teague awoke ( dhùisg )in his car. The windows ( uinneagean ) were sweating, and the air was stifled. He was covered in sweat ( allas ). He was still in the parking lot ( pàirc chàraichean ), and he saw the beams of early day stretch into the dark world of city parking.

He got out of his car to breathe ( analaich ). Gasping, he looked around. He expected to see a car, or two (dà) of the night shift. He did not even see the car of the woman who took the tickets at the front.

Walking down to the front, he saw the barricade was up, and the ground level was empty as well. Staring in disbelief ( às-creideamh ), he did not see a car drive past. He walked towards the entrance ( rathad inntrigidh ), and peered around the banister.

The entire street was empty of cars. The sun was starting to peak over a distant hill, or distant building. Teague never could know. He was rarely up at this hour.

He did not see anyone walking, and heard no driving in the distance. He simply found a bare city expanding in front of him.

Then, there was a person. A dark skinned man ( fear )— judging from the naked physique presented to him — with skin of wood-grain was a few lights down. The lights changed, and the man started to walk.

Teague stood frozen until the man was face-to-face with him.

‘Do you hear them?’ The man looked to the east. ‘Do you hear them, Teague?’

And, the bell rang.

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