Way of Kings, The

Started 1 February 2019

Finished 6 February 2019

Finally, S. S. Trantham can have his book back!

I enjoyed this book. I really enjoyed the world, and the characters. Some of the sentence fragments snapped me out of the world. I have a personal dislike for fragments within the exposition.

Speaking of the exposition, I rather liked his longer sentences. The pace kept me going: I read 1200 pp in six days whilst having a job, and a life. Sanderson hooked me.

One of the characters, Jasnah, reminds my friend of me: I have kept him abreast with my reactions — which I now return to reading them to jog my memory –, and I am honoured that he feels that way. She has a refined wit, and intelligence of which I can only dream. Her anger was icy, but not unwarranted.

The twists kept me wanting more. I did guess quite a few of them — I grew up reading high fantasy, and the gripes are there –, but one of the big revelations was hidden from me.

This book is by no means a throwaway book, but I tore threw it quite quickly for me. That is impressive since the few times when I have tried prior to read this, I get bored. I wonder if it be the reading challenge, my friend, my brother who has only been bothering me to read Sanderson, or the fact that I have grown as a reader; nonetheless, for whichever reason I did not feel intimidated by the prose as I thought I would in the first chapter.

I greatly appreciate the novel, and — for reading after completing this challenge — have already purchased book two. This means that I now have to purchase book one to match a set.

I enjoyed the depth of society in the world. A safehand is an excellent idea of modesty. I am not sure how it developed, but I am intrigue as I have a fondness for honour, and propriety. This book though juxtaposes subtly propriety, and honour.

All my theories shall remain locked in my head, and my correspondence with my friends…at least until I read a bit more of the lore.

Be safe. Be loved. And…Justice.

J.A. Victor Wilson

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