Vanity Fair

I expected something else, but I have no major complaints. This was a major critique of society. I was not expecting another satire, really. I was expecting a moving story, and not to dislike the major players. Some may defend them as ‘doing that which needs to be done’, but in short, they are all weakened by their society, but at the same time strengthened by it. It is this weird mixture.

This is written as a puppet show, so one should expect dramatics…

Actually that is a good way to describe it:

It is a soap opera in print.

The ending is my favourite part, and not as a dig to the set-up. It is set-up amazingly, but then everything falls into place. The main character is kind of a femme fatale in a loose meaning of the word, and kind of a sensibility heroine in a loose meaning. She is sociopathic in her inability to form ties, but is also a survivalist. The one thing that she does for someone else is at the very end of the novel.

I am left with mixed feelings, and a surprise satire on my lap.

I need to breathe, and find someone to dissect this with me.

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