Scottish Gaelic Short Story

Teague awoke (dhùisg) curled on a sunlit knoll (tom, OR cnoc). He felt the grass stroking his face (aodann). As he opened his eyes (a sùil), he heard the chiming of bells in the far distance. The sound pumped Teague’s blood ( fuil Taidhg) to his forehead. Teague (Tadhg) felt the capillaries expand, and then constrict tighter than he had ever felt.

‘A knelling on a knoll,’ Teague said, ‘I must be in a Dr. Seuss book.’

The ringing continued ( lean ), and did not seem to stop, or show any signs of stopping. He wanted it to stop more than he wanted food at his hungriest ( na b’ acrache ).

Why ( carson ) will that not stop?’ Pulling himself up, he found that he was naked ( bha e lomnochd ). He swore that he had not felt grass in his crotch a few seconds prior, but he saw that he was embracing the sunlight from all parts of his body.

Walking towards where he heard the bell, he stopped as he left the mound: chunnic e tòrr dhen cirup.

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