Nynorsk V

Word(s) Part(s) of Speech English
Velja Verb Choose, to
Ven Adjective Beautiful
Verkeleg Adverb Really
Ei vik* Noun Bay
Ein vilje** Noun Will
Ei vis Noun Way
Viss Adjective Certain
Vita Verb Know, to
Ei vogonrammel*** Noun Rattle of a wagon
Ei vårsol**** Noun The Spring Sun

*’Viking’ comes from this as ‘one who lives/from a bay’.

**This is not the death will, but will as in ‘my will be done’.

***I am not sure how useful this will be; however, when I saw this word in my dictionary, I knew that it was too specific not to put it in.

****Remember that the Sun is feminine in Germanic languages, and the Moon is masculine. I have this fight often with my French professor.

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