Scots Gaelic U

Word(s) Part(s) of Speech English
Uasal Adjective Noble/Aristocrat
Uirsgeul (m) Noun Fable/Myth
Uirsgeulach Adjective Legendary
Uiseag (f) Noun Lark
Ulaidh (f) Noun Treasure*
Ùraich Verb Become new
Urra (f) Noun One/Person**
Urrain (f) Noun Power/Ability
Urrasach Adjective Trustworthy
Ùth (m) Noun Udder

*M’ ulaidh as an endearment means closely, ‘my darling’, or ‘my precious’ without the creepy Gollum connections.

**Another way to say ‘One’, but this word is falling out of use to my knowledge.


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