Scots Gaelic T

Word(s) Part(s) of Speech English
Tabhartach Adjective Liberal
Tacan (m) Noun A short time
Tachais Verb Scratch, to
Tagair Verb Claim, to
Taidhr (f) Noun Tyre*
Talaich Verb Complain, to
Tapag (f) Noun Slip of the tongue
Tè (f) Noun Tea**
Teann Adjective Tight/Taunt
Thar Preposition (genitive) Across

*That is ‘tire’ for ones who do not follow traditional British spelling. This is the tyre that goes on a vehicle. It, also, is one of the few British spellings that even now looks awkward to me.

**Also known as ‘nectar of the gods’ nectair nan diathan/nechtar nan diathan on this blog.

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