Letters S-X

First off, I will have a special post for you this week as it in the 22nd of the month. For those who do not know, 22 follows me quite often. Starting around 5, or 6 years ago, I accepted it, and chase it down whenever I can. My boyfriend, in a drunken state, confessed that he thinks that it be my favourite number as I was born on 22 July; nevertheless, this is not true. In most numerology traditions, 22 pops up a bunch of times in my chart, or I will look up and be 22 miles from my destination, or at mile marker 22. I am sure part of it is psychosomatic, but even so, I am going to love it for as long as I can.

Books with preconceptions:

Somewhere in Time Richard Matheson : My father, when I was growing up, told me about this film. He discussed how Jane Seymour — who is still one of the most gorgeous humans to be on this earth, inside, and out. She is amazing. — played an actress, and that there was time-travel. He had me at Jane Seymour, and time travel. I adore both. I have gotten 1/4 into it; nonetheless, the book has a different tone than the film. This is similar to the film versus book of What Dreams May Come by the same authour. I disavow, for the time being, my love for the film. I am expecting to die at the end. This book should break me at least three times. We shall see, though.

Trunk Murderess: Winnie Ruth Judd, The – Jana Bommersbach : I was going to do Theogony by Hesiod, but I cannot get through another Ancient Greek debacle, so I scrapped it. It was perfect timing too. My mother is lending me this book…

because I am related to Winnie Ruth Judd.

Now, this is not a big reveal that she is my grandmother, or anything. She is a distant cousin (second cousin, once removed I think). I am just anxious to read this. I grew up not being able to talk about her until my mother’s grandmother — notice how I worded that — died. I want to know how, why, if, and all the questions about her being accused of chopping two women up, and shipping them to California on a train.

Working in customer service, I have to say: she is my hero. I may change my mind, but to snap like that means that she must have had a reason: some of my family members swear that she was covering up for the doctor, and the governor. I do not know. I, however, am going to find out all I can.

Ulysses – James Joyce: As soon as I tell people about my challenge, people ask: What is your ‘U’? It is Ulysses. Of course, it is Ulysses. I know that it is three (or more) stories weaved together, and that it is a book made for artists. It was not intended as a bestseller, but as a letter from a man of letters to letters about letters. I feel that it is a book that changes core aspects of who a person is. I await the change. It involves Dublin, and a man who is being cuckolded, and does not want to go home. I may be thinking of Dubliners, but I am sure that I am not.

Vanity Fair – William Makepeace Thackeray: A film which has Reese Witherspoon, and James Purefoy? One is damn sure that I have seen that. I have had a crush on Purefoy since Bedrooms and Hallways, and Witherspoon is a powerhouse of feminism. It is about a woman who has to manoeuver social graces, or starve. It seems as if it will be a single life in Les Misérables, but more in-depth, perchance. I am liking this in respect to the timeline of Britain that I will be reading. I want this to flesh out my Britannic history.

Way of Kings, The – Brandon Sanderson : I am a horrid friend. If someone recommends a book, I put it at the end of the list to read, and it stays there for a while. This is one of them. I think that it covers sexism in a contemporary sense, and Sanderson is aiming for Tolkienesque breadth of world-building. I hope so as I like anti-sexist breadthy literature. There is one character which reminds my friend of me, so I am interested in her fights. I also believe that modesty, and literacy is in the culture. I await to find out.

I also want some peace from being bothered if I have read it within the last five years, and if I could give him his copy back.

Xena: The Huntress, and the Sphinx – Ru Emerson : Doth one know the difficulty of finding a book that begins with X? I took the easier way out. I have been a Xenanite for years from a scholarly perspective. I need to read this. I am sure that it will, truthfully, be dime store literature. I need a few dime store books in my life though.


In other words, I go from books whose films that I grew up loving, to conquering finally the epic of Ulysses, to giving back a book to a friend, and ending with Xena…who taught the strength of women to begin my journey into manhood. Follow me to see if I can survive the gauntlet, or if I failed.

Be safe. Be loved.

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