Nynorsk R

Word(s) Part(s) of Speech English
Ei reise Noun Journey
Rettkomen Adjective Just,legitimate
Ein rikdom Noun Wealth
Ei rute Noun Windowpane
Røda Verb Talk, to; discuss, to
Røykja Verb Smoke, to
Røysta Verb Vote, to
Ryddig Adjective Tidy
Ein rygg Noun Back
Ryka på* Verb Attack, to

*This verb shows why prepositions are important in forming Norwegian verbs. ‘Ryka’/’ryke’ means ‘smoke, to’ in the sense of steam. It can also mean ‘break, to’, or ‘fall, to’ (to fall suddenly, and unexpectedly); however, introducing ‘på’ at the end makes it a different verb. I do not know the etymology of this one. I mun — there is a word borrowed from Old Norse into English — get a Nynorsk etymology dictionary.

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