Nynorsk Short Story

Once upon a time, there was fire (fyr).

Fire burnt (brann) all but the ground. He danced until he was alone (einsam), and in his loneliness he found an empty darkness. The darkness was always out of his reach.

He was alone ( Han var einsam) in his aura of light. He began (byra) to fade as he looked onto the vast nothing that was the land.

He saw as he faded, the darkness approached.

He began to hate ( byra å hate ) the darkness. He fought against, and clawed at it. It, the darkness, still weaves around his grasps.

With his last burst, Fire jumped (hoppe). Fire was gone.

It was not for many years, as plants grew, and animals played, that a lightning struck a tree. Fire was born again (på nytt) . He looked around at all life, and found his friends. As he took ahold of one, he lost it though.

Fire began to dance from one to another in search of a friend who could hold him.

Han visste som han skulle vera på nytt einsam.

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