Scottish Gaelic P

Word(s) Part(s) of Speech English
Pàganach* (m) Noun Pagan
Pailt Adjective Plentiful
Pàiteach Adjective Thirsty
Pasgan (m) Noun Package/Folder
Peirceall (m) Noun Jaw
Pianail Adjective Painful
Pioc Verb Peck, to
Pios (m) Noun A bit of bread
Plangaid (f) Noun Blanket
Plap Verb Flutter, to

*This is the only term which I can find for a general sense of non-Abrahamic religious expression. I would prefer ‘Heathen’, so I will search for a translation of that.


‘P’ seems to have a lot of borrowings. It seems that b→p in borrowing, but I have not research this enough.

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