Nynorsk P

Word(s) Part(s) of Speech English
Eit par* Noun Couple
Ein peis Noun Fireplace
Ei pipe Noun Chimney
Plaga Verb Bother, to
Ei plomme Noun Plum
Prata Verb Talk, to
Prenta Verb Print, to
Prøva Verb Try, to
På** Preposition On, in, at
Ei Påske*** Noun Easter (Christian holiday)

*This is also couple as in ‘a couple’ in general. ‘Har du plomma?’ ‘Ja. Eg har para.’ OR ‘Har du ei par plomma?’ ‘Ja.’

**Learn this! This is one of the most important words. I see this everywhere in verbal constructions.

***This is Easter as celebrate by Middle Eastern religions, and not the indigenous Easter. The original Easter would be ‘Austra’; however, there is only evidence of the male form ‘Austri’.

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