Scots Gaelic O

Word(s) Part(s) of Speech English
O Preposition From
Òb (m) Noun Bay
Obair (f) Noun Work/Labour
Obann Adjective Sudden
Obraiche (m) Noun Worker
Ochdad* (m) Noun Eighty
Òg Adjective Young
Oidhirp (f) Noun Attempt
Òmar (m) Noun Amber
Ortha (f)** Noun Spell/charm

*Scots Gaelic has two systems of counting. Traditionally, as in all Celtic languages to my knowledge, counting is based on twenties, so forty would be ‘two twenties’ (or more properly in English, ‘two scores’). There are, therefore, multiple ways of saying different numbers. This one is the newer one based on tens. More correctly, it would be ‘ceithir fichead’, or ‘four twenties’ (‘four scores’). I wanted to present this to you. I will be using the traditional counting system as much as I can, though.

**I wonder if this is from the same root as ‘word’. I shall research it.

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