This will probably be the shortest one.

O Homer, how I hate thee — in nine translations — let me count the ways.

Odysseus suddenly becomes a dumb twat.

He offends every god save Athena — what a surprise! –.

He does everything that he knows will offend everyone.

The structure is interesting though.

She, Odyssey, is mainly a story within a story, and so there is a large narrator distrust.

I do like one scene(s). The scene — in smaller bits, because epic poems, it could be seen as scenes –, with the dead is gorgeous. We see some character depth because of his lost ones. He, Odysseus, has to contend with the fact that because of his actions, people died. A shocking revelation apparently.

Overall, I hate it less than the Iliad, but the translation was a hard read. I need a better one. If anyone has suggestions, give them please.

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