Tea Time Ruminations: A-Z Challenge

A fortnight has passed since my last one, so it is time to ruminate once more.

This month has been great for posting, and I, again, thank J. Lenni Dorner for this challenge.

I miss reading though. Just reading for absorption, and not reading for a gold star. I did this to myself, and I will finish it. I, nevertheless, want time to slip into a book. I doubt that I will read for a week in May, but I will start halfway through next month.

I also miss writing. It is hilarious; my writer friends, and I complain about the struggle — and the lack of completion of projects –, but I miss the writing. My ideas churn, and wait to curdle onto a page to make a fine cheese of a story. I also apparently miss cheese. I have not had any in a while. I have had the cheese of lies as I live with a vegan, but I want the true cheese.

The fires of Notre Dame still burn as I write this, so I do not know how that will stand, but I also miss it. Reading Les Miserables has reminded me of Paris, and of France at large, and I wish that there were something that I could do. Yes, it is a symbol of an oppressive religion that has erased — and in places is erasing — indigenous cultures…

It’s also fucking Notre Dame. It is more than a house of worship; it is a connection to the past. A reminder of things we can do, and build together as a community is beflamed right now.

Gods, missing does nothing, but make it hurt more.

These classics have really deepened my emotional states. I had levies (spelling?) built to channel these emotions, but damn they are overrun now.

I need to space out the books for next year. I promise you, ruminants, that I will start this challenge earlier, so that it can be better. Learning, and improving, that is I.

I hope you all will improve, too.

Be safe. Be loved. Read a book.

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