Scots Gaelic M

Word(s) Part(s) of Speech English
Mac (m) Noun Son
Macanta Adjective Submissive
Mag Verb Mock, to
Magadh (m) Noun Mocking
Maille (f) Noun Slowness
Maisich Verb Decorate,to/Beautify, to
Mallachd (f) Noun Malediction*, curse
Mar** Preposition In the manner of
Màs (m) Noun Bottom/Bum
Math Adjective Good/Well

*One of the few Latinate words which I adore.

**Yay! We can finally broach the discussion of cases. Nouns without articles will be in the dative, and lenited. Cases will be discussed in depth later; however, Gaelic has 4 cases:

  • Nominative: the subject of a sentence, or the complement of the copula (‘to be’) in English; however, in Gaelic the nominative is also used as the object. He is Erik. This is a book.
  • Vocative: used to adress someone directly. Erik, shut the door!
  • Genitive: The possessive in general. Used much more often in Gaelic than English. The book of Erik is blue/Erik’s book is blue.
  • Dative (some will call this Prepositional): The object of sentences in English (and indirect objects); however, in Gaelic this only used for the objects of prepositions; hence, the ‘prepositional’ case. Give it to Erik.

Putting them all together. A sentence (in English) with all of them in corresponding colours.

Erik, you put the dog’s food in the wrong place, so I gave it to my sister by accident.

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