Scottish Gaelic Story Time

Teague, still ( fhathast ) sitting for the last few hours, finished the last form. Hours ( uairean ) after he should have left work, he sat staring at a screen ( foillsear ). Will he ever leave, or shall he stay to finish some of his work for the next day? He let his mind ( inntinn ) wander to brighter things.

He once had been a happy child despite bullying ( burraidheachd ). He had once whispered to a blade of grass his greatest secret: that he had seen his grandfather’s secret ( cagar ) ingredient to his meat pie, and Teague knew that it was a dollop of schmaltz. Teague whispered ( chagair ) it to the grass.

The grass ( feur ) rubbed his young cheek. Teague had felt it like a kiss ( pòg ). He blushed, and he rushed back inside ( broinn ).


Adult Teague rubbed his cheek, and felt a warmth there.

‘Children will do crazy things, will they not?’

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