Kristin Lavrendatter

I was not expecting this book. This was not the book which I remember, or if it be, my memory lacks details. I also could not finish all three books. My reaction, therefore, will be about the first one…which is named Kransen ( på norsk ),so it still fits. Lucky me.

An attempted rape, a nunnery, and the symbolic wreath for which the first book is named all make me very uncomfortable. It is, however, the mediaeval ages, so I would be uncomfortable anyway. Highly christianised Norway makes for an interesting read. It has only been a few hundred years after the abandonment of their indigenous culture. It has this slightly distant, but still relatable world.

The main tension is should a woman wear a crown reserved for virgins when she is not? After the talk of punishing women for exercising their reproductive rights in Texas — the state in which I live —, this rings too close to home; however, I appreciated the strength of her, Kristin’s, resolution to be herself. I do not think that I would be friends with her, but I respect her…which it seems that respecting women is a rarity.

I did enjoy the tours around Norway, though. I want to visit one day — contemporary though as I would not do well in the 14th century.

This book made me want to sew historical garments again. I have picked up a few textile skills, but sewing is — counter-intuitively — the last to be chosen.

I, therefore, enjoy that which this book has made me feel; however, it was hard to enjoy it as I enjoy other books. I do recommend it to everyone to read. I will have to read it på norsk when I become better fluent than I am now.

Be safe. Be loved. Be true.

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