Scots Gaelic H

Word(s) Part(s) of Speech English
Hàidraidean (m) Noun Hydrogen
Hàlo Interjection Hello
Hactair (m) Noun Hectare
Hearach (m) Noun Somonefrom Harris
Hearadh (f) Noun The Island of Harris
Heileacoptair (m) Noun Helicopter
Hiort (f) Noun Saint Kilda
Hiortach (m) Noun Someone from Saint Kilda
Hòro-gheallaidh (m) Noun Celebration/ceilidh/get-together
Toir mi hòro-gheallaidh air Saying I don’t give a damn about him

This letter was hard: it turns out that my dictionary does not have many words that begin with ‘H’. I must research more to see if there be a specific reason for that, or if it be just a general tongue-choice (as the letter ‘Z’ in English).

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