Heptameron: Also known as the book that beat me

I failed. I read this in English. It is written in Middle French…which I always forget. I cannot strike this off now; nevertheless, I did ‘read’ it.

It is very if he, the book, were read to me by a very monotonous badly-executed RP accent. It had no life. Perhaps if I knew more about the culture, I would care about him.

The days pass on by with various level of drama, and his structure is mirroring of another book Decameron, so I might care more after I have read that one.

It turns out that the book was unfinished. That could explain part of his awkwardness. I wish to read more about the book before cementing my ideas then.

My favourite description — in English — is ‘mapcap’ describing Nomerfide. I had to research the word, and I feel it is something to which I should aim: a maniac which is somehow endearing.

The stories meander a bit for me. It has 70 stories in it, so I will not present an in-depth look at them…until I can read it in the original French.

One should pick it up, and peruse it though. It has some nuggets of wisdom in it. The complexities of court, and romance are placed throughout, and mainly in the foreground. I found it a bit stiff sometimes, but never too far.

I reserve my judgement, but acknowledge my initial reactions.

I will have to give the book another try — I still have to read him again for The Western Canon.

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