Letters A-F ranked

1. Cold Comfort Farm

I adored this. It is everything for which I look in a book. It was hilarious, and light whilst having deeper layers. It is the type of book which I would read to children to teach them to be better than before.

2. Fractions of Existence

This reminded me that not all contemporary novels are throwaway…which in my search for high literature I sometimes forget: it was emotionally rewarding, but still challenged assumptions which I had…which is one of main reasons for which I search for art.

3. Awakening, The

This was more problematic than I remember, but I hope that I be a better person than I was. I wanted to remember how women were in that time to recharge my feminist meter — the last election really got me down, and is part of the reason for which I have been searching out female writers –.

4. Étranger, L’

This was better than I thought that it would be. It was a nice surprise.

5. Beowulf

I loved this; however, it does have that Christianisation disrespect for indigenous cultures which is endemic in Abrahamic religions. I was like, ‘Why are you criticising the culture about which you write, and within which this great epic exists?’

6. Duchess of Aquitaine

7. Dracula

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