Scottish Gaelic F

Word(s) Part(s) of Speech English
Facal (m) Noun Word
Faclair (m) Noun Dictionary
Fada* Adjective Long
Fàilte (f) Noun Welcome
Feusag (f)** Noun Beard
Fhathast Adverb Yet
Fhein/Fein*** Pronoun Self
Figh Verb Knit, to
Fuachd (m) Noun Cold weather
Furasta Adjective Easy

*This is how to call the accent marks in Irish, but in Gaelic they are called ‘geur’ which means ‘sharp’.

**I love that ‘beard’ is feminine

***Technically the word is ‘fein’; however, the lenited form is more used because it typically follows triggers whereas the technically standard form ‘fein’ is normally only seen in compounds.

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